The Real Mark Wahlberg: A Racist, Cowardly Person


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At 15, Mark Wahlberg harassed a group of African American school children on a field trip by throwing rocks (causing injuries) and shouting racial epithets. When he was 16, Wahlberg approached a middle-aged Vietnamese man on the street and, using a large wooden stick, knocked him unconscious (while calling him “Vietnam fucking shit”), he also attacked another Vietnamese man, leaving him permanently blind in one eye, and attacked a security guard (again using racist language).

Commenting in 2006 on his past crimes, Wahlberg has stated: “I did a lot of things that I regretted and I have certainly paid for my mistakes.” He said the right thing to do would be to try to find the blinded man and make amends, and admitted he has not done so, but added that he was no longer burdened by guilt. Source: Wikipedia

Watch this video, but it’s disturbing. Remember everyone. This could have happened to you, your father, or your little brother or sister. Unprovoked attacks by Mark Wahlberg himself on children smaller than him, and on 2 Asian men, men that be your father or brother, or sister. Why did these senseless crimes happen? Because Mark Wahlberg is a racist, cowardly person who felt he had the right to do these things to other human beings for being Asian or Black.

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Let me tell you one more fun fact to just the drive the point home. Until about 2006 there were barely any articles about Indian men in the news. Around that time India coomits the dire mistake of calling Autralia a racist country for literally killing many of the Indian male students in Australia. Guess what happens after that? The entire white western media joins forces to turn the Indian man from a victim to a wife beater, rapist, pedophile, you name it.
The white men are are racist as they used to be, only that now they have learned to be subtle about it.

DO you think if today an Asian 15 year old high on drugs blinds Mark Walberg in a racist attack, he will get out in 45 days? These same righteous old white men who defend mark would then want this Aisan kid locked away for life. This is a white man’s world my friend. They are powerful and they literally decide whats right and whats wrong.

Oh fuck off! Everyone does things they regret when they are young. How many black, white & latino youth are complete racist towards each other when they are young but learn later as they get older that someones race or ethnicity does not define who they are & doesn’t automatically make them a racist. He apologized for what he did what the fuck more do you want? I think it’s obvious by his actions as an adult that he definitely is not a racist.

Wahlberg has a Napoleon complex little man syndrome. He takes action move tough guy roles because he’s a 5’5″ little wuss.

Give me a break. So someone is supposed to feel bad and not get on with their life after they have turned it completely around? Its unfortunate and sad and hateful yes. Punish and slander the ones that CONTINUE doing bad after they have done bad. Not guys like Mark.

lol Ok, Mark Wahlberg and some of his batshit racist friends, are posting here under multiple names. Mark Wahlberg did not come from a poor family, he came from a upper middle class, almost but not quite, rich home. The thing about him being poor was all just media manipulation. Some people the media love, others the media hate. They cannot condemn him for being racist, why? Because he is a rich little Jewish boy making money off his “poor kid, bad ass” falsified persona. He is a fake, and a fraud. Mark and his brother’s Manager concocted the whole “poor kid on the rough street” image prior to being famous they got before Mark got sick of being a New Kid. However it was not some poor, white, simple minded racist, beating the black people and the Vietnamese. It was just another bitchy spoiled brat teenager angry because his parents ignored him. LOL, of course his parents ignored him, they could not deal with a half retarded anger ridden child any other way.

“He was young” is not an excuse. Some of these happened at 21! HE BLINDED people, he attacked children, there is no excuse.

These white men NEED to be held up to the same standards as everyone else, he is a felon, a racist and he doesn’t deserve acclaim for that, I don’t care HOW YOUNG he was.

Tyler Perry makes hella movies with notuing but blacks, but entourage is racist bc its main characters are white ? Fuck dat. Whites for Wahlberg!

Get a life!!!!! He was young!!!!!!

Haha. Is that why you keep coming back to write stupid racist comments, Sarah? Looks like you don’t have a life, bitch.

So I guess that makes it okay. He should have gotten a stiff sentence.

Really? most 16 year olds don’t blind people and commit hate crimes. 16 year olds can make rational decision. thats no excuse and you’re pathetic for thinking it is. you get a life you racist sympathizer.

Bloody autocorrect there’s no pictures of wahlberg at the scene

This video doesn’t really prove that wahlberg commited these crimes, there’s now pictures of him at the scene and the only pic you have of someone getting beat up is a white guy from behind so until someone provides a video or photo showing that wahlberg is actually there at these scenes then I think this video is just made by a wahlberg hater who for whatever reason hates him

What a bunch of pathetic attempts to make excuses for Mark Wahlberg. There are court documents about him getting arrested for these hate crimes. The police who arrested him even wrote down in their reports that he was yelling homophobic, racist slurs and wasn’t even sorry about what he had done.

You are in hardcore denial. Mark Wahlberg was NOT only arrested but he CONFESSED to the crimes.

Why are you defending an attempted murderer? Because he now makes movies? You are pathetic.

He was convicted of this crime in 1988. He got a slap on the wrist. Like a few months probation of something.

Coming from one of the smallest minorities on earth, one that needs to mix with other races just to avoid extinction I can see both sides of this argument. Yes those crying racism are correct. Does the actions of a young man define him for life? No. Marky Mark admittedly was hopped up on drugs through a decent period of this part of his life. He used racist slurs and beat up minorities. I have been marginalized by these same minorities. In many cases, if you are mixed you don’t fit in. Many groups cry racism yet turn around and do the same thing to other minorities. This is the kick the dog effect. Mark Wahlberg had a rough upbringing himself. He’s not without blame however he’s no worse than the majority of the population of any race.

A lot of people grew up poor and didn’t commit racist hate crimes, you moron. Wahlberg never paid his debt to society for his crimes and he misrepresents what actually happened. That’s why people think he’s an asshole.


You dumb fuck. He beat a man that didn’t hurt him. He knocked the man unconscious and he blinded another man. He chased little kids. It doesn’t matter what some other black or Vietnamese kid did to YOU. That doesn’t justify what Wahlberg did to these innocent people that didn’t harm him or you.

If he ended up killing that man and was never punished for it, would you say he is a good guy?

What if I killed a 4 year old girl and claimed it was because members of her race beat on me and I had a hard life? What a shitty argument you presented.

He was 16 when he did that stuff. I was a completely different person when I was 16. I was an idiot. I’m guessing the same goes for him. He’s now devoutly religious and does a ton of charity work. If he had the same feelings about black people that he did when he was 15, I doubt he would have supported Obama in the past two elections. I honestly don’t have a problem with someone like him. The work he does for the inner city is unquestionably positive. Bringing up something dumb he did at age 16 is kind of like bringing up that he pooped his pants as a baby.

Errr … nice aliases you got there — you doubled posted with two different user names. Trying to make yourself look like a minority didn’t work.

Here’s the thing: Wahlberg didn’t stop committing crimes until he was in his 20s. He wasn’t a little kid. That crime your talking about is also very severe. He gouged someone’s eye out because he didn’t like the man’s skin color. No sane person would forgive someone for gouging his or her eye out even if the culprit is 16. My 16 year old cousins have more sense than Wahlberg.

Wahlberg wasn’t poor. His older brother was a rich boy band member.

Wahlberg’s racist fans keep lying about things.

So beating someone until his eye is hanging out of his socket is equal to a baby pooping his pants?

And beating someone unconscious with a 2×4 is just rebellious adolescent behavior that lots of people go through?

What skewed perception. Wahlberg was convicted and got a slap on the wrist, so it is over now, but he isn’t a good person. He’s a dick, and you can tell from seeing the guy in interviews.

He was 16, and what he did was disgusting, low, and thoughtless. Still it doesn’t excuse what he did to acknowledge that sooner or later we have to allow people to grow past their mistakes, else, why not give him the death penalty, or at least life in prison? Then again, there isn’t a lot on here about the way Asians have recently being targeted by African Americans in New York, so maybe racism isn’t your beef as much as it is a pretext for assailing western culture.

@parachuuut Tu dis ca par rapport à Chris Brown? (du coup j'ai trouvé ca 'he was no longer burdened by guilt.' okkk)

Hmmm…What is an Asian American? What is an African American? If you are a citizen of the US, you are only supposed to have one citizenship (other countries allow two and won’t force you to renounce your citizenship, but if you leave the US and become a citizen of another country you have to give up your status here). So, unless you moved here from Africa, or an Asian country, or a European Nation, you are simply American. This is very simple, if you were born here you are American. Why aren’t white people called French Americans or British Americans? Why did you identify the victims as Asian Americans, but then the children as “black”. A little racist maybe? OR maybe you are so PC you don’t know who to refer to people without upsetting them. I know these things happened. I have seen the arrest reports and other news stories, but you really have random pictures of the victims? Or are those shots that look close enough to make your point? The former is really scary and speaks of an unsettled mind with an unhealthy obsession. The latter makes perfect sense, but should come with some disclaimer.
I hate racist and racism. But I have have seen men who have been in prison remove or cover their racist tattoos. Not because they are afraid they won’t fit in, but because they have changed as men. Guess what…that happens. People grow up and learn from their mistakes. all white cast? So? It was a story about a group of friends and family that grew up and stayed together after one got famous. It’s not racist, it’s a simple story. You better go after Damien Wayans for casting an all black cast in his sitcom, or the Jeffersons or any other show that is centered around a cast of one skin color and not another….There is some real anger and hate here. Isn’t there a more productive way to spend your time?

I always thought Wahlberg was kind of liberal. Didn’t he come out for Obama in 98? (sorry to MW if I’m wrong)

Anyway, I like a fighting white man, one tired of taking crap from minorities. Good for him! I’ll start seeing more of his movies (I never pay for one with a well-known liberal, like Clooney or Pitt).

I would happily put a bullet in Markie Mark’s head with no hesitation. He’s a scumbag and so are you, you racist piece of shit. Go light yourself on fire and do the world a favour.

Fuck that racist and fuck racist apologists. No mercy no forgiveness EVER.

yo wahlberg is cool and look at african governments hmm when white man was in control we made things fair obama is awesome but c’mon there is no fairness in all those 3rd world countries so get fucked wahlberg haters

okay hypocrite you take off all of your nice clothes cunt you wear clothes made by ‘little children’ in sweatshops which makes you a consumer and you are as bad encouraging behaviour i ain’t complaining about shit a man has his opinion as you are saying burn this kill that so get a grip asswipe.

But then how many bad things we do on our journey through life and how many things we learn… Mark was 15, 16 when he committed those crimes and since then so many things have changed in his own life, I am sure that now as a family man, who’s seen the world beyond borders of Dorchester, he would think so differently. And let’s not forget that some Asian groups are much much bigger racists than white people will ever be. Of course, there is no excuse for any hatred based on race and all of us, being the one, same human race, should work on making the world a better place, not worse- by holding grudges, being revengefull etc… Mark has learnt from his own experience, we should be wise and learn from his experience too, not our own. Since then Mark has done his time in prison (not enough as he deserved, for sure, but it had strong impact on him), as mentioned in the video- he dated people who were not from purely white background, he filmed movies with people of other races and the most important thing he keeps helping financially and in other ways the community (ethnically and racially very versatile) he comes from. And he voted for Obama. So let’s forget and forgive the mistakes of his ‘youth’, or we can even say ”childhood.

Who gives a shit what he did in the past shut the fuck up all y’all tryna do is get involved in something that has nothing to do with u some people are taught when they r very young to hate certain nationalities so who the fuck really has a say in what u believe and by the way it’s spelled favor u fucking retard

“let’s not forget that some Asian groups are much much bigger racists than white people will ever be.”

Let’s not forget that you’re full of crap. First, you say forget and forgive Mark Wahlberg’s racism, and then you turn around to make racist comments about Asians. Really? Asians are more racist than whites Where’s your proof? That’s what I thought.

It’s no surprise that Mark Wahlberg’s defenders in this thread are insanely racist.

Notice how Emily doesn’t mention why people are pissed off. Mark Wahlberg never paid his debt to society for the vicious hate crimes he perpetrated against innocent children and old people. He brutally attacked them on the street because he hated their skin color. He spent less than 2 months in jail for attempted murder in the 1st degree. His victim, who had no criminal record, in that case lost his eye. How much is your eyesight worth, Emily? Oh please, you wouldn’t forgive and forget that, and that’s how I know you’re full of crap.

Mark Wahlberg even admitted that he didn’t apologize to his victims, and he said this doesn’t bother him. He never paid restitution to his victims either so stop acting like he made amends for his cowardly crimes because he didn’t.

I agree with you Jarred. I’d like to put a few bullets into Mark Wahlberg because that’s what he deserves for what he did. He’s a racist coward. Always will be.

Agreed. I’d love to put a fucking bullet in Mark Wahlberg’s head. He’s a racist bastard and deserves to get the shit beat out of him.

These were UNPROVOKED attacks. He wasn’t taking crap from anyone

I don’t think Wikipedia is a trustworthy source. Like when Ron Paul talks the truth about his country, he is largely ignored. When David Duke was interviewed by a Sacha Baren Cohen (a Jew) his interview was tossed out because David was too well-versed in his defense of the white race.

But I could pick any random White person or Asian person (for that matter) and find out all kind of stuff that is as bad as this or minor stuff.

Why is this information released only now? Regardless of race!

Wahlberg claims to have been in trouble 20-25 times with the Boston Police Department as a youth. By the age of 13, Wahlberg had developed an addiction to cocaine and other substances. [5] [6] At 15, he harassed a group of African American school children on a field trip by throwing rocks (causing injuries) and shouting racial epithets. [7] When he was 16, after robbing a pharmacy under the influence of PCP, Wahlberg knocked a middle-aged Vietnamese man unconscious, left another Vietnamese man permanently blind in one eye, and attacked a security guard (again using racist language). [8] [9] For these crimes, Wahlberg was charged with attempted murder, pleaded guilty to assault, and was sentenced to two years in jail at Boston’s Deer Island House of Correction, of which he served 45 days (6.16%). [8] [10] In another incident, the 21-year-old Wahlberg fractured the jaw of a neighbor in an unprovoked attack. [11] Commenting in 2006 on his past crimes, Wahlberg has stated : “I did a lot of things that I regretted and I have certainly paid for my mistakes.” He said the right thing to do would be to try to find the blinded man and make amends, and admitted he hasn’t done so, but added that he was no longer burdened by guilt : “You have to go and ask for forgiveness and it wasn’t until I really started doing good and doing right, by other people as well as myself, that I really started to feel that guilt go away. So I don’t have a problem going to sleep at night. I feel good when I wake up in the morning.”

What I’d like to know is what these “victims” did to provoke this outcome? Oh, of course, they were just walking down the street, innocently, minding their own business, right? I’m sure. I’m sure that Wahlberg just decided to smash their “innocent” little faces in for no reason (that was sarcasm, just in case you people can’t read between the lines). I wouldn’t put up with their BS either, and never will. People need to stop playing the “victim” when they’re the cause of the hatred against themselves. Mind your own freaking business and others will mind theirs.

Racism doesn’t need provocation.

More than 10 years ago people had to “hide in the closet” because of their “life style”. What did they do to provoke the bashing?

Victims of rape used to blame themselves. Was it because of their good looks or outfit that they deserved what happened to them?

It’s very rare that someone get a second chance and I hope Mark will not spoil his fortunate fate because the wheel of karma is timeless and racially blind.

Bitch you I think you talk too much shit. Just admit that you are another KKK-Nazi bitch. That makes it whole lot more simple ain’t it? I mean bitch, get your kid or family member get raped or murdered by a psychopath and then tell her “you provoked that guy to do this to you,” because they were the very cause of the hatred against themselves? Haha. Damn… I’m pretty damn sure this bitch is a loner or probably has been bullied quite badly at school by non-white kids. O Lord have mercy on this stupid ass cave whore.

“people need to stop playing the “victim” when they’re the cause of the hatred against themselves.”

You are quite literally a piece of human garbage. You are a plague on this earth and I hope I somehow find out about your death so I can go and dance on your grave.

Remember, you are piece of shit. A Piece of human garbage and I hope you remember this and how ignorant you are.

I hope you remember that you are an awful person.

Mark Whalberg was high as fuck on PCP and robbing the vietnamese man’s story. So…there’s that.

And yeah, the black CHILDREN were minding their own business. You making me fucking sick, Sarah. Just admit it, you’re a racist, be honest. Your assumptions when actual facts about this were literally posted right above you and are easily accessible all over the net shows how intellectually lazy you are.

true i mean they could have done it you look now the blood and cript shit capping people out of there car and wahlberg is hated for a couple of assaults…. it is unfair

Why is it more believable that Mark Wahlberg was the victim here? (I apologize for the word, I know something in your conservative makeup makes you cringe at the word ‘victim’ for some reason, so I guess I could just say ‘innocent person doing no wrong at that time’? All right, let’s do that) Wahlberg has a known police record from his youth and has admitted that his early life was rough, violent, and pretty nuts. It says more about your beliefs that upon hearing Wahlberg admit to these unprovoked attacks, you still somehow automatically assume it was the non-white innocent people who were no wrong at the time. Or maybe you believe that the winner in a fight, even if unprovoked, is right after the fact–although I should point out, since I’m not sure you’ll figure it out on your own, that such a philosophy would work both ways, and in the case of, say, a black man attacking a white man and coming out on top, the black man would be in the right by this definition.

All right, all right, but a simply question, based on our minimal knowledge of these incidents, how were random Asians being “the cause of hatred against themselves?” Perhaps you assume they were doing roundhouse kicks and karate chops at Wahlberg’s friendly neighborhood community center, and he had to step in and stop their Asianness from destroying the place?

Hey Sarah, hopefully you’ll get what’s coming to you one day, you sound like one stupid bitch. If these innocent people “deserved” getting bashed, then you deserve it a thousand times more.

Wow! I can’t believe you just said something like that. First off he admitted it himself and oh second because their black or Asians and he attacked them the obviously did something to him , new flash that’s not the way the world works and it never has been and it’s a shame that so many people will get on here a try to justify his actions, he’s not so why are y’all. And it’s wrong to say that’s it’s okay because he was young and on drugs. That’s like me saying I hit your kid in the head with a blunt object and they lost an I but don’t worry it’s okay because I was 16 and mad at them cause I was taught to hate your race but later in the years I going to support a person of that race so that makes me no longer racist and everything cool between me and your family and that race. And Im still considers a kid and what I said I know is right and orally hate that it’s so much racism in the world and just when I think everything is cool and everyone is at peace I see or hear something like this and it makes me really sad because I know that we will probably never live in a world with out racism.

The media is also trying to separate minorities from each other.

I think ALL minorities should have a truce that way we will be greater in numbers and also be able to control the media.

AAAA (Asian and African alliance)

We will prevail.
spread the word.

I love Mark Wahlberg as an actor but not as a person. I’m not gonna try hard to boycott his shit but from now on, I won’t give as much props or attention to his shit like I used to. I mean this motherfucker is one serious neo KKK fuck. Busting a man in the eye and blinding him ain’t make him feel guilty? You should’ve given that poor dude a new eyeball with your fucking cheese man. Serving 45 days of jail time ain’t make no amends to that poor dude and his family. And he said he overcame that shit by helping others… Now I wonder if any of those “others” were non-Whites. Yeah, you fuck blacks and asians up and then do all good deeds for whites and think you are clean and forgiven… That’s just fucked up man.
And Bill Weavers, yeah you are right Wikipedia is not a 100% credible source of information but all these pieces of information regarding Marky Mark are official court documents (you might find some typos like “who’s” which should’ve been “whose” instead) so they are legit and authentic.

Good morning! If you helped make "Ted" the #1 movie, this is who you paid:

@mark_wahlberg ok . Mr gook

@allyzay . Any mention of Boston racism ?

@piersmorgan @theoliverstone @mark_wahlberg once a racist always a racist ???

@aots @gracehelbig

Marky Mark . No regret because he doesn't want live up or make amends

I love Mark Whalberg, possibly even more after watching this video. It was nothing but stock footage if Whalberg followed by pictures of minorities, all wrapped up with “yeah, well we got a brotha in the white house now bi-otch”. Seriously? Comparing Mark Whalberg to Birmingham? People who feed into videos like this are weak minded and weak willed, and can’t even tell when someone who you’ve never met is controlling your emotions and opinions. Keep your brotha-president and your hate mongering.

Take it to Stormfront, racist Nick.


Haha. Every time, I tell people about Mark Wahlberg’s past, they change their minds about him and hate his guts. The overwhelming majority of people, idiots like you are the exception, despise racist douchebags like Marky Mark. Keep up your “hero” worship of the neo-Nazi Wahlberg.

Why ya'll surprised at Mark Wahlberg being nuts? He's a violent racist who beat up an asian man and never apologized

What surprises me is that black people still frequent his movies. Are ya’ll serious. This bigot has degraded minorities since he was a boy. I used to go to his movies until I found this out. He made stupid comments concerning one of the biggest disasters ever on American soil. Saying what he would have done had he been on the PA flight. Those people were heroes and how he could even come close to comparing his dumb ass with them eludes me. He apologized, but apologies are overrated. BLACK PEOPLE STOP GOING TO MOVIES


I had no idea this white wannabee was racist. I will not pay to watch someone who is racist perform and a lot of times mislead the public by the role he is playing.

Not this black person. I wrote him off when I heard about the Vietnamese guys and the black kids.

why does this bother you, i mean minorites are as bad at leat mark the king didn’t fucking cap em with a gun… black gangs cap people all the time kids adults woman chinese are a communist country like vietnam which enforce cruel laws complain about all things not just small crimes that an awesome actor commited

Really? i never knew that~! I wonder why the Vietnamese family won’t speak up or anything :( they should demand him for money!

Minorities, always looking for a handout. Unbelievable!

Not minorities, but his victims. How much is your eye worth?

You see handouts for minorities. Do you see the ones for the rich … “too big to fail” corporations … called bailouts.

Off-shoring of jobs to take advantage of cheap labor. But people blame these countries for “stealing American jobs”. No one blame the leaders at the top for sending it there or the government and lobbyist who pass the laws for it to happen. These handouts weren’t for minorities.

Yeah Sarah and you are one of the majorities and flippin burgers at burger king. Now ain’t that a bitch? Haha. Now I think I can call you a minority ass for being white and broke as fuck. Fuckin s’wit.

people bad mouthing wahlberg look at the muslims they don’t allow there children to go to school if they’re girls or woman they are there own worst enemy and people are over the top about this man wahlberg i love wahlberg he is amazing the fact he attacked people racism what about the black panthers they are a group who were the equivelant of the kkk so you peeps need to learn history idiots.

balls too the wall, muslims are not a race. islam is a religion

@ Balls To the wall The Black Panthers were NOT the equivalent to the kkk. The kkk has a history of hanging, slaughtering, and killing people of color. The Black Panthers have never done such a vile thing. The Black Panthers stood up for their rights. They were tired of people of color being treated like trash. And they never killed anyone, you dumb bigot.

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